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  • Sets a new standard of economic growth, business and personal freedom

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Manufactures, suppliers, architects, construction to interior design companies and

  • Future directed leaders & communities

“Head-on” a Firefly Innovations initiative

Safer homes & buildings; -

Protected from wildfires and catastrophes destruction from hurricanes to earthquakes

Purpose driven

Life changing know-how and insight

Personal pride

Future driven leaders

Life changing know-how and insight

Building the future communities

  • Smart, sustainable, healthy and secure 
  • Homes, buildings, cities and communities

To develop real solutions to:-

  • Combat wildfire and catastrophe destruction from hurricanes to earthquakes
  • Help build safer homes, buildings, communities and
  • Support fire-stations and first-responders

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  • Tap into the benefits and unlock your own and company growth

Learn how you, your management team,
company and community can:-
Help or become part of “Head-on” and the benefits

  • Research shows, that architectural designs,  materials, products and services from construction through to interior design
  • Can reduce in many instances wildfire and catastrophe destruction by up to 81% 

Build a better world that you can be proud of;-

  • Through collaboration and innovation

Make one commitment that the destruction of NAPA Valley, Malibu, Paradise, Katrina and Florence will never be repeated, and unlock: – Growth

  • Properties burned and destroyed by catastrophes 

This is funding lost that can be used for the innovation and development of improved products and designs that protect cities and communities 

You & your company can make a real difference by collaborating to reduce & stop the impact and destruction of wildfires & catastrophes:-

  • The impact and destruction of wildfires & catastrophes are busy to increase year on year.
  • Destroying thousands of homes, the lives of people with a growing negative impact on businesses and the economy. This negative impact is already exceeding an average of $350 billion dollars annually.
  •  This is both a threat to your business and an opportunity to protect your community and unlock new growth

Leading blogs that give you insight and purpose 

Leading companies for safer communities

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Wildfire & Catastrophe consolidated news center 

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Fire-stations & First-responders support

North Carolina firefighters become babysitters

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Start working smarter and protect your community against the:-

Growing destruction caused by natural disasters


Head-onprovides a focused collaboration platform that helps you to;-

  • Protect your community from the devastation of wildfires and catastrophes and
  • empowers you to enjoy new personal and business growth: –

Head-on is a comprehensive initiative

across the full value chain from:-

  • Landownership, legislative and regulatory, property use, property design and occupation, prevention and maintenance, wildfire and catastrophe management and containment through to rehabilitation.


  • In order to ensure maximum participation impact

    1) To reduce the destruction of wildfires and catastrophes and to ensue safer homes and buildings

    2) Business growth for businesses in the value chain;

  • Head-on provides for each sector in the value chain focused related options and benefits.


The following business and public sectors are the main focus in phase one

Key business focus

*(Please note focus areas 1), 2), 3) are integrated with the specific objective to:-

  • build safer homes and buildings through collaboration and innovation.)

1)  Architects and interior designers

  • Including town planning and landscape architects
  • Learn more

2) Builders and contractors

  • Including professional services such as engineering, quantity surveyors
  • Learn more

3) Manufactures & Suppliers to the:-

  • Building and construction industry
  • Including material, services and tools
  • Learn more

4) Fire + Emergency service suppliers & manufactures to the:-  

  • Emergency services equipment and services
  • Learn more

5) Lawyers and attorneys

Key public focus   

1) Public and communities at large

  • Including wildfire prevention organizations
  • Learn more

2) Fire-stations & emergency

3) Leadership

Leadership that builds teams

Life quality for their communities that:-

  • Is safe and secure from wildfires and
  • Catastrophes

Click the appropriate button, if you wish to return to the main page of the:-

“Head-on” is a leading future directed initiative

  • Designed and built with “Innovation Transformer”® the integrated personal and business growth platform

  • That unlocks the inner-strength of the individual,  businesses and is underpinned with

Future direct innovation methodology

Start your journey to economic freedom

Building a future you can be proud of

Start your journey to economic freedom

When innovation unlocks:-

  • Your inner-strength,

  • business growth and

  • Builds secure communities  

Adopt a fire-station and win a once in a lifetime family safari


1) Support the development of new fire equipment

> to reduce the wildfire impact by up to 80%

2) Win and enjoy a luxury once in a lifetime Family Safari

3) New affordable, smart equipment for fire-stations


4) Equipment that delivers safer communities and saves thousands of homes & properties

5) Improved disposable income for first-respondesr and fire-services


6) Reduced health risks and special support for first-responders, with specialist spousal support

Powerful first-responder and fire-station support

Affordable, powerful smart equipment for the future 

For safe and secure communities

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