Local firefighters return

After battling the Camp Fire near Chico, California, all 15 Oregon strike teams returned home after more than 10 days of service.

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As of late Tuesday, Cal Fire reported 152,000 acres in Butte County had been burned and the fire was 75 percent contained. The fire has killed at least 81 people and destroyed almost 13,000 residences.

More than 3,900 firefighters have responded to the blaze, including 77 crews and 320 fire engines.

Seaside sent four firefighters along with some equipment to assist with the 15 strike teams activated.

Gearhart sent seven fighters and some equipment.

Both strike teams from Clatsop and Columbia counties assisted firefighters in California, firefighters reported. Some of the operations they participated in were structure preparation, structure defense, structure assessments, search, rescue and recovery, burn operations, line construction, hose lays and tactical patrol.

The fire started Nov. 8, in Butte County near the northern California city of Paradise. After a request from California officials and Oregon Emergency Management, county strike teams headed south as part of the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, a national state-to-state mutual aid system.

Seaside firefighters wrote in a Facebook post: “Seaside Fire can’t speak for every agency represented by our strike teams (but we feel they would agree with us) that our crews could not do their job without the support of our friends, families and communities back home!”


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