God bless Notre Dame:

God bless Notre Dame: The Paris cathedral is much more than a church building

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A place of breathtaking beauty, a repository of 857 years of history, an iconic symbol of one of the world’s great cities, a timeless celebration of Christian faith, a magnet for 12 million pilgrims from every corner of the Earth, the handiwork of thousands of craftsmen, the site where Henry VI of England was crowned King of France and Napoleon I was coronated, a cavernous space where billions of people speaking every known language have sung their praises and said their silent prayers, burned and burned and burned Monday as the world watched in powerless agony.

It is in Notre Dame where the Crown of Thorns that Jesus Christ wore sits on display, where a piece of the Cross on which He was crucified is preserved. They, thank God, were saved, and officials say the main structure has been saved, but much of the flammable structure within the stone exterior was not.

From when its cornerstone was laid in 1163, it took 182 painstaking years to erect its choir and basilica and buttresses and towers and vaults and naves. Its roof, a marvel of engineering — much of which turned to black ash Monday — was made of 13,000 oak trees cut in the 12th century. Its 295-food-high spire — which toppled as stomachs turned — was rebuilt in the 19th century.

Over the course of hours, oxygen fed flames and in instants destroyed the work of centuries.

Pray its precious stained glass and its organ and its bells were not scarred, or, if they were, can be restored. Be grateful to firefighters for staving off worse damage, and for preventing any no human beings from perishing in the conflagration. That is a blessing.

But this monument is the ultimate expression of what humanity is capable of, of what is possible when people across generations aspire to honor their creator and leave something that will long outlast themselves.

Notre Dame means Our Lady and we pray for her.

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