A new generation of architects

Join the coalition of architects that will build the future smart homes, offices, schools and public buildings that will;-

  1. Unfold life quality, well-being and sustainable communities
  2. Architects that support the “Head-on” initiative to reduce the destructive impact of wildfires and geographic risks, protecting and accelerate life

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What is “Head-on”

What?  “Head-on” is the first comprehensive initiative that brings all role players together to,

reduce the impact of wildfires:-

One goal, to reduce wildfire destruction by up to 80%

To do this: “Head-on” brings together the:-technical, legal, business, communities and emergency services

And opens new opportunities for:-

  • Architects, law firms, manufactures & local businesses

These new opportunities include new:-

  • Strategies, new products, marketing and promotional options

” Head-on” is a leading global initiative that gives you both business growth & increases your margins

Architects & wildfire

Under “Head-on” architecture  is a foundation building block and

shield against catastrophe, the prevention & minimizing of wildfires, fires, floods and tornado risks

Over 635 new options to grow your architectural practice

 Read on how Head-on will help you;-

“Head-on” will help you to:-

Strengthen and make your marketing easier. 

Plus helps you to add more clients and business

Increase your income, margins and profits on projects with

powerful Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) initiatives

Grow & maximize the total capital value of your expertise and the value of your firm

on projects

A new level of creative interaction

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“Head-on” will help you to:-

Head-on” is a powerful initiative that applies future directed methodology and will have a positive impact on every aspect of architecture

This is illustrated by the following benefits that can be tapped into:- 

  • It strengthens your marketing and helps small and midsize firms to capture more business and

Gives you new options to:-

  • Develop niche markets
  • Increase your total value proposition
  • Differentiate your firm and
  • become the first choice for new projects
  • Enjoy & direct publicity at your target market

Benefit from powerful Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) initiatives

  • Increase your web-site and social media’s total added value
  • And more than double your web-site’s effectiveness

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When vision, design, technical know-how

Bring beauty, functionality together and shield risk

1) It sets your inner creativeness free to

2) build buildings and communities that

3) Drive life quality, purpose and well-being

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“Head-on” will help you to:-

  • Above all, “Head-on” helps you to:-

    • Build a project pipeline as a growth path for your company that;
    • Reduces both market and business risks, and
    • Supports you to build a sustainable architectural practice.

    Overall it maximizes and capitalizes your expertise and the value of your firm and in so doing:-

    • Provides for you a strong platform to grow independently, merge or enter into new partnerships on a basis of strength and
    • Broadens & strengthens your retirement options
  • Head-on provides to you the knowledge that every day’s work is an investment in your future

What does registration with “Head-on” get you?

  • Marketing integration in to the full “Head-on” wildfire, flood and hurricane value, usage and impact chain
  • Cross business sector promotion of your architectural practice and
  • Assistance & access to tap into over 635 new marketing value adding options to growth and expand your client-base.
  • That include social responsible recognition and
  • Press exposure

In addition:-

Special guidance to maximize your expertise and  firm’s capital value

You will receive special assistance to implement future directed innovations and support to:-

  • Increase your project income and
  • Develop downstream value added income

Special innovation assistance to improve the socioeconomic profile and income potential of your client-base.

You will also get:-

1) Opportunities to participate and co-opting on regional advisory boards, that will substantially strengthen your marketing.

2) Support to integrate your innovation drive into your social media.

3) “Head-on” also provide you with tremendous opportunity to tap into the benefits of a top Corporate Social Responsible initiatives via “Head-on” the wildfire initiative.

4) This will include very valuable press and publicity exposure that will enable you to build a strong positive public brand.

These benefits are normally only available to large companies.

Bonus support

Depending on you participation level as selected by you (Silver, Gold or Platinum), you will also enjoy the following additional benefits:-

1) Promotion and social media exposure via The Firefly Innovations’ platform

And you will have additional options to enter:-

2) 5 STAFF members in the African Family Safari competition

3) 5 STAFF members to participate in the innovation development

4)  5 CLIENTS in the African Family Safari competition

5) and publish 4 blog-writings per year

6) Business opportunity participation

7) Innovations participation and

8) Your company can act as a lead sponsor, and then enjoy all the benefits.

As well as being promoted as a lead sponsor and have preferred business opportunity and innovation options.

Why “Head-on”?

“Head-on” deploys future directed world lead methodology designed to provide:-

  • New integrated management focus to develop real ground level solutions for global challenges.

  • “Head-on” also provides collaborative interactive expert participation

Innovation input across many technical & business areas and

“Head-on” Specifically promotes architecture as solution foundation for real solutions

Developed through collaboration for success

Based on practical, theoretical and include:-

  • Business

  • Community

  • Governmental and

  • Academia input

Future directed innovations set your creativity free

A truly powerful future directed initiative

When architecture is driven by your creativeness;-

  • It enriches the universe and

  • Sets you free

Time to reduce wildfire destruction and build your business

Your registration starts a powerful growth journey

Start your support now by donating:- 

Or register for full participation:- 

Scroll-down to see how you can win a:-

Win a once in a lifetime African Family Safari !

Accelerate and expand the role of architecture as:-

  • Economic and life quality driver

“Head-on” creates several new challenges & opportunities for architects such as:-


New niche market development options where;-

The design of modern lifestyle homes and buildings contribute to:-

1) Reduced wildfire risks and lower ignition risks and

2) Better designs to slow or reduce the spread of fires in homes

These niche market approaches will include other geographic high risks such as:

  • Earth quakes, tornadoes, floods and hurricanes.

Head-onalso provides options to questions, such as:-How to reduce costs

  • How to improve your architectural practice margins
  • How to link and focus your marketing on your architectural focus
  • Why many architectural firms lose 30% plus of their margins
  • How to truly capitalize on your client base

“Head-on” is the biggest advanced wildfire containment initiative ever.

  • Where your support can make a real difference and
  • Unlock powerful marketing growth for your practice
  • With thousands of options to grow your practice.

“Head-on” offers real new opportunities


The 98% factor

It provides a bridge to the 98% general market where architectural services are often viewed as a nicety.

Easy but powerful marketing

  • One of the biggest benefits is that this offers major marketing options for architects.
  • In short, it will assist in growth of both market and margins for architects.

That will greatly assist architects that seek:-

1.New niche market opportunities

2.Freedom to put their creative talent to full use

3.Increase margins and

4.Market share

Support, register and discover how your support of real solutions drives:-


Your marketing,

New smart powerful “Geographic risk shielded” homes


“Investment anchored properties”

A new growth path for;-

Architects to profit from the 98% market

Progress to-date


  • Progress:- Under the “Head-on” initiative there are already new design options that are being developed,
  • It is projected that these developments could result, base on 2017 scenarios, containment and suppression cost savings in excess of $300 million annually or $2,7 billion over five years.

    For architects

  • These options will open significant new building design channels that will result in business growth including new products and clients; and
  • open new funding options for architectural designed buildings

Benefits beyond fire:-


This is a call to you to become part of and support “Head-on”.

Donate or register for integration into the initiative and enjoy options from;=

  • Newsletter inclusions
  • Business promotions through to
  • Broad innovation integrations.

All options that will provide you new business, improved margins and increased profits

  • Be a supporter and register for the business benefits:-.

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“Head-on” is a leading future directed initiative

  • Designed and built with “Innovation Transformer”® the integrated personal and business growth platform

  • That unlocks the inner-strength of the individual,  businesses and is underpinned with

Future direct innovation methodology

Start your journey to economic freedom

Building a future you can be proud of

Start your journey to economic freedom

When innovation unlocks:-

  • Your inner-strength,

  • business growth and

  • Builds secure communities  

Adopt a fire-station and win a once in a lifetime family safari


1) Support the development of new fire equipment

> to reduce the wildfire impact by up to 80%

2) Win and enjoy a luxury once in a lifetime Family Safari

3) New affordable, smart equipment for fire-stations


4) Equipment that delivers safer communities and saves thousands of homes & properties

5) Improved disposable income for first-respondesr and fire-services


6) Reduced health risks and special support for first-responders, with specialist spousal support

Powerful first-responder and fire-station support

Affordable, powerful smart equipment for the future 

For safe and secure communities