Grow your business by helping your customers to:-

Have wildfire & mudslide free neighborhoods


When you help your customers to protect their families and neighborhoods form:-

> wildfires & mudslides

You build strong emotional bonds with customers

“Head-on”:-  your initiative to:-

> Innovate & develop new options to contain and suppress wildfires and

That gives your business new  options to:-

Strengthen your business

Motivate & reward your staff

Add new innovation skills for your company

New clients, sales and business growth

Customers that love & are proud to support you

Time to grow your business and help to stop wildfires & mudslides

It is time for action and a new perspective on wildfires and your business

From a business perspective:-

> the downside factors beyond the immediate destruction of wildfires are:-

  • Disruptive and uncertain business conditions
  • Reduced productivity
  • Increased down stream taxation
  • Negative perceptions of local conditions, which in turn undermine future development and business growth.
  • It also increases cost of doing business in your local market, factors that
  • Undermines your long-term competitiveness.

Wildfires very simply undercut the economy and every business


  • Property that gets destroyed by wildfires has to be replaced
  • This uses and consumes resources that would have been available for growth and other critical aspects in the community.

The overall objective of “Head-on” is to:-

  • reduce wildfire destruction & the follow on mudslides by 60 to 80%.

One vision:- Stop wildfire destruction


  • Unlock your innovation, collaborate and
  • Work with smart future directed First Responders


Head-on wildfire "First Responders Innovation Hubs" support FAQ:-

Back ground

The objective of Head-on is to mobilize innovation to develop new methods and equipment

  • To reduce the destructive impact of wildfires and follow-on mudslides.

The Key word is “Innovation” through the use of an innovation competition. Open to the communities, public and businesses.

(Both businesses that are suppliers to the fire industry and all other NON-fire businesses.)

With the specific objective to:-

  • Ensure and draw on the widest possible participation in the search for the best solutions
  • And to have cross fertilizing of ideas across many different business sectors
  • Lastly;- to generate interest and awareness of solutions that reduce the negative impact of wildfire.
Business benefits from supporting “Head-on”

This is where the opportunity lies

1) Your staff

By supporting & participating, you can offer your staff the opportunity;-

  • To win a once in a lifetime African Family Safari.

This is truly a very high motivational option or you can use it to give your staff recognition.

  • It further includes options for your staff to develop new innovation skills that will lift your staff to a new level.

Skills that will help them to improve their productivity, to achieve cost saving and

  • overall help your company to achieve better profit.

Your customers

You can also offer some of your customers the same benefits, as setout above for your staff. Benefits that help your client in there own businesses.

These are options that directly support your marketing.

(For full details you can download the Business PDF in the toolbox on this page.)



*    Wildfires, mudslides, the destruction and devastation of wildfires & mudslides can be reduced by at-least up to 80%

*    The key:- innovation and collaboration


1) For:- Business PDF download

3) For inquiries and questions

3) Take Action & register

See here below:- how both "Your staff" & "Your Customers" can win:-


once in a lifetime African Family Safari and
Benefits from Innovation tools for personal growth


















"First Responders Innovation Hubs"


Change this:-



To this:-

















Adopt & empower Fire-station on Fire-station to become:-

Powerful innovation hubs that drive:-

Total community wildfire protection and community well-being

Action time:- to adopt & sponsor a “Fire-station”

Your main toolbox            “Head-on”  PDFs Download

1) For:- Business PDF download

2) For inquiries and questions

3) Take Action & register

4) General Overview PDF Down load

5) Competition Rules

6) Overall Benefits for all

Invest in your community and human dignity for growth

Your time to act:-
An exiting, future directed initiative that unlocks the power of innovation for your company and your community

> Strengthening your company

> Building your community and market

A new beginning, thank you