Start building a better future

By helping to stop the wildfire & mudslide destruction


>  Get access to Innovation Transformer® that will help you to;-

>  Unlock new economic options for you, your family and community 

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Welcome to Innovation Transformer®

The Initiative that will change your life

Improved earnings

Medical cover

Retirement funding

  •  Today we have the best technology ever

  •  Yet millions of people are falling behind economically

It is time to change that;-

Innovation Transformer®

“Head-on” the Wildfire containment and suppression initiative’s advance innovation platform.

Innovation Transformer® is the most advanced future directed initiative

  • It is not a motivational program. It is not a skills development course.
  • It is a practical everyday tool-set that is;-

Designed to help people to:-

  • Become economically succesful

  • To solve major challenges in their own lives and in their community and 

  • To successfully implement real solutions 

The foundation is innovation.

Innovation Transformer® is a powerful reverse “engineered” initiative

Innovation Transformer® will change your life

Adopt & register a fire-station now and

Enjoy these special benefits

Special benefits 
  1. You get access to Innovation Transformer®

  2. You qualify for an entry to win an African Safari Family holiday and

  3. The first 500 Community Fire-captains will also have options to earn up to $1,300 in bonuses

Can you increase your income?

  • Think about it like this:- If Alan Musk can orbit his car:-

You can reach for the stars!

"Your registration sets you on a economic growth path and"


Change this:-



To this:-









Adopt & empower Fire-station on Fire-station to become:-

Powerful innovation hubs that drive:-

Total community wildfire protection and community well-being

Action time:- to adopt & sponsor a “Fire-station”

1) Overview for public

2) For inquiries and questions

3) Take Action & register

Time to pioneer the future

Pioneer the future :-


  • Market & business growth
  • Personal success & jobs
  • Global leadership
  • Economic power
  • Sustainable environment
  • Programs & products

Do not be powerless:-


  • Have a vision 
  • Enact
  • Accelerate and
  • Be proud 

Start a chain reaction and grow


Personal growth


Unlock business growth


Economic growth and environmental sustainability


Life Quality

We design programs to unlock growth

Today businesses and individuals are faced with the challenges of:-

  • How to grow and increase their income.

Theses are major challenges in the face of:-

  • Global competition that is set to increase 30 to 40%;
  • Automation, robotics & high-tech products

All of this will require new investments, new skills and new markets.

Above all new thinking by you. Not just ideas but the way you think / your thinking process.

Firefly Innovations focuses on how to achieve and how to manage these challenges.

Firefly Innovations a South African company is expanding though our new range of international growth programs.


Programs to assist and help:-

  • Businesses to grow and
  • Individuals to secure jobs and increase their salaries.
  • Professionals to excel
  • Students to leverage their studies, training and employment-ability
We use a series of new methodologies and development frameworks to assist businesses and individuals to establish:-


  • Future directed strategies and
  • Winning programs to meet the challenges of today and the future

The key for the future is to identify the opportunities as to trying to manage the challenges.

This immediately shifts your thinking from dealing with negative challenges to positive growth thinking.

A comparison of power options
  • The old way:- Managing challenges 35%
  • Motivational programs & positive thinking 45%
  • Innovation opportunity solutions 95%

The power of

 Innovation Transformer®

Business growth that:-

  1.  Places you above the competition
  2. Unlocks markets
  3. Adds customers and
  4. Builds families
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Become a growth catalyst and:-

  1. Succeed
  2. Be proud and excel
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*    Wildfires, mudslides, the destruction and devastation of wildfires can be reduced by at-least up to 80%

*    The key:- innovation and collaboration

*   The tools that help you to achieve economic freedom


See below:- how both "Adopted Fire-stations" & "you" can win:-


once in a lifetime African Family Safari and
Benefits from Innovation tools for personal growth













Be proud, act, curtail and stop the destruction of wildfires and mudslides

Thank you for your interest.

This is truly a life changing opportunity where you can take actions that will directly impact on the:-

  • Quality of the life of your family and your community
  • Building safer and protected communities
  • Help to redirect funding to forestry

It is your support and participation that makes the differance

  • Be proud and act