Empowered, future directed;-

1) First-responders

  • Career and income development

2) Emergency services & fire-station

  • New funding options, high impact equipment & advanced management

“Head-on” a Firefly Innovations initiative

Emergency services for safer communities

Protected from wildfires & catastrophes

destruction and loss of life

Purpose driven, successful individuals;

Life changing know-how and insight

Personal pride & achievement

Future directed and trusted leaders:

Life changing know-how and insight

Building safer communities

  • The risks faced by communities, emergency services and first-responders in future will be bigger, more complex and more dangerous with higher health risks and stress.

  • It is time to change this

Learn how you, your management team and first-resopnders can:-
Unlock and benefits from “First-resopnder innovation-hubs”

What is “Head-on”?

Communities, emergency services and first-responders are facing:-

  • Bigger challenges, more complex events and higher risks.

Head-on was launched to assist emergency services and first-responders to strengthen their skills to meet these new challenges.

  • In this, Head-on provides a wide-range of support and

  • helps to secure sponsorship for emergency services and first-responders


It is a reality that:-

The risks and health threats of the World-trade Center that first-responders faced are no longer the exception:-

  • It is becoming the standard

The full spectrum of risks, from wildfires, catastrophes and human triggered events are busy to increase

  • A new approach is needed by leadership and first-responders

In this “Head-on” provides assistance to:-

emergency services and first-responders to meet these new challenges

The “Head-on” support is powerful, future directed tools that;-

  • support first-responders both on a professional and personal level

  • to succeed

To address these growing challenges “Head-on” provides;-

New options and sponsorships for;

  • Emergency services, fire-stations and first-responders;-

1. To successfully manage and address these growing challenges

2. On a professional, personal and community level

To give effect to this “Head-on” has introduced;-

  • First-responder innovation-hubs

With the objective to:-

1. Reduce the impact, destruction, loss of life and

2. The risk exposure of first-responders, as well as;

3. To provide new options to emergency services to secure funding and the equipment, which they require to meet the growing challenges

Year on year there is a growth in the destruction caused by

wildfires & catastrophes*

*(From wildfires, tornado, hurricanes, floods, tidal water surges, landslides through to earthquakes and human triggered events such as terrorism and industrial disasters)

Destruction that is:-

  • Destroying thousands of homes, the lives of people with a growing negative impact on businesses and the economy.

  • This negative impact is already exceeding an average of $350 billion dollars annually in the USA.

These negative factors

Directly impact on emergency services and first-responders

The growth in wildfires and catastrophes impacts negatively on emergency services

It increases first-responders’:-

  • Health risks

  • Stress

  • Injuries, fatalities and

  • The adverse impact on their personal life, family and

  • financially well being

It also directly undermines the;-

  •  Effectiveness of emergency services,

Including factors such as;-

  • Funding

  • Equipment

  • Management

  • Community safety

  • Risk mitigation

  • Recognition and accountability

There are solutions

1) Research highlighted that in many instance up to 81% of the destruction can be reduced:-

2) And up to 93% of the risks that effect first-responders and emergency services can be managed

3) Furthermore that new funding options can be

made available to invest in:-

  • Emergency services and
  • the development of first-responders

Head-on assists to reduce;-

  • 1) The destruction & lives lost caused by wildfires and catastrophes, by up to;- 81%
  • 2) The impact on first-responders from stress, risks, fatalities, and health by up to;- 91%

Head-on assist with the;-

  • 1) Empowerment, growth and family life quality of first-responders by up to;- 95%
  • 2) New funding options for emergency services, by up to;- 35%

Smart future directed solutions

The research findings highlighted that to counter

the growing challenges, the key factors are:-

1) The experience of first-responders

Which is the foundation of safety and security

2) Innovative methods and equipment

Innovative skills empower first-responders both professionally and personal

3) The effective use of technology

Provides the strength & power to match the challenges

Vision and insight

"First-responder innovation-hubs"


To give effect to the research findings “Head-on” is:-

  • Assisting, supporting and securing sponsorships for
  • Fire-stations, emergency services and first-responders to:-
  • Establish;-

First-responder innovation-hubs

First-responder innovation-hubs bring together the three key building blocks that empower first-responders

1. Experience of first-responders

2. Innovative methods and equipment

3. The effective use of technology


In the process, unlock new power to ensure safer and smart communities

“Head-on” delivers major benefits for emergency services and fire-stations


High impact equipment

For fire-stations and emergency services;-

The benefits include new options to deal with;-

  • Budget constrains and
  • Funding
  • New high impact equipment for fire and wildfires through to recovery tools
  • Strong community support
  • Risk mitigation participation and input
  • Personnel and first-responders development and
  • New options to develop a strong volunteer support platform

“Head-on” delivers major benefits for first responders


For first-responders;-

The benefits include;-

  • New professional and personal development options and

  • Safe and protected work environments

  • Improved health protection

  • Reduced risks

  • Career development including

  • New income growth options and development

  • And specialist support for volunteer first-responders

Empowered first-responders 

It is time that community and emergency service leaders

  • build the next generation of professional;

Super smart, empowered first-responders & emergency services




Empowering and delivering



Smart equipment

Financial strength

Super smart, empowered

first- responders & emergency services

Building the next generation for:-

Safe secure communities

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Reduce the impact, destruction and loss of life caused by wildfires and catastrophes

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