"First Responders Innovation Hubs"

Help smart, future directed fire-stations & first-responders to:-

  1. To add new equipment and
  2. Support first-responders & volunteers to use innovation skills to;-
    • Improve service and to increase their income and life quality
  3. Improve:- fire service and community collaboration to;-

Stop and reduce the destructive impact of:-

wildfires & mudslides 

Participating fire-stations & wildfire prevention org. members and supporters can also win a once in a lifetime family safari

“Head-on”:-  your initiative to:-

> Innovate & develop new options to contain and suppress wildfires and

That gives your Fire-station :-

1) The three key elements of the Head-on initiative are:-

The development of new affordable equipment that can meet the wildfire challenges

Support of first-responders and proactive collaboration

Between the fire-services [Fire-stations / First Responders and Community Wildfire Prevention Organizations. (CWPOs)], communities, including businesses and government.

Innovation skills and support

As the foundation for the development of new equipment and methods to meet these new challenges

2) And the two main building blocks of the initiative:-

An innovation competition

Designed and developed to provide fire services with new equipment and methods to combat and reduce the impact of wildfires and mudslides

And a chance to win a once in a lifetime “Family Safari” worth over $ 10,000

"First Responders Innovation Hubs"

Creating an unique opportunity for First Responders, Fire-stations, as well as,  Community Wildfire Prevention Organizations. (CWPO) and community members to actively participate in the development of new equipment and methods to make their neighborhoods safer.


New smart future directed fire-stations and first-responders

*    Wildfires, mudslides, the destruction and devastation can be reduced by at-least up to 80%

*    The key:- innovation and collaboration


1) Fire-Stations PDF download

2) Inquiries and questions


Fire-stations and CWPOs are registered via public sponsorship 

*    With the specific objective to establish collaboration between fire-serves and their communities 


Time to empower your Fire-station

  • Unleash the full potential of your First Responders
  • To stop wildfires

Major benefits beyond:-

  • The reduction of the destructive impact of wildfires & mudslides

“Head-on” is designed to support both existing challenges and future challenges faced by;-

  • Fire-stations

  • First responders and

  • Community wildfire prevention organizations

And provide solutions for challenges such as:-

  • New equipment

  • Funding

  • Recognition of the expertise, work and necessity of fire services

  • Personnel challenges

With specific benefits and  focus on:-

1) Equipment that can match the challenges:
  • Improved wildfire loss prevention measures
  • Speed of detection, reaction and deployment of assets
  • High wind scenarios
  • Steep gradients, rugged & inaccessible terrain
  • Access and availability of containment and suppression resources
  • Water availablility & options to reduce required water
  • Increased fire containment and suppression effectiveness

In simple terms equipment that  match the challenges of wildfires.

2) Benefits for Fire-stations:-
  1. Access to new methods and equipment, as well as, custom designed equipment for local regional challenges.
  2. Funding leverage via saving, through equipment design, for access to affordable equipment.
  3. Future directed skills development for first responders.
  4. Personal recognition and motivation of personnel.
  5. Community, business and government collaboration and support.
  6. Broader community loss prevention support.
3) Benefits for Community wildfire prevention organizations:-
  1. To substantially improve wildfire loss prevention measures.
  2. Increased community recognition, participation and funding.
  3. Funding; -“Head-on” will also introduce new concepts with regards to the funding for both new measurements for loss prevention and the maintaining of loss prevention ongoing required actions.
4) Benefits for First Responders
  1. Safe and suitable equipment
  2. Ease of use including
  3. Health protecting with emphasis on avoiding threats such as cancer and accidents by first responders
  4. Innovations skills to empower first responders:-
    • For better wildfire containment and suppression, as well as career development and
    • Assistance to aspiring new first responders for men & women.

It is time for action and a new perspective on wildfires

“Time to stop the devastation & destruction of wildfires”

2017 must never be repeated, the losses was devastating:-

  • Over 9,053 fires
  • 1,381,405 acres (5,590.35 km2) destroyed
  • 1 firefighter, 45 civilians fatalities
  • Over 230,000 people evacuated
  • Over 9,800 structures and houses destroyed
  • Containment and suppression costs exceeds $3 Billion
  • Total economic loss well above $13 Billion
  • Hundreds of houses and infrastructure lost due to the wildfires and follow-on mudslides

Wildfires very simply undercut the economy and every business

Property that gets destroyed by wildfires has to be replaced

  • This uses and consumes resources that could have been available for growth and other critical aspects in the community.

The overall objective of “Head-on” is to:-

  • reduce wildfire destruction & the follow on mudslides by 60 to 80%.

One vision:- Stop wildfire destruction


  • Unlock your innovation, collaborate and
  • Work with smart future directed First Responders


The Firefighter’s Prayer :- By Dick B Norton








Head-on wildfire "First Responders Innovation Hubs" support FAQ:-

Back ground
The objective of Head-on is to mobilize innovation to develop new methods and equipment


  • To reduce the destructive impact of wildfires and follow-on mudslides.

The Key word is “Innovation” through the use of an innovation competition. Open to communities, public and businesses.

(Both businesses that are suppliers to the fire industry and all other NON-fire businesses.)

With the specific objective to:-

  • Ensure and draw on the widest possible participation in the search for the best solutions
  • And to have cross fertilizing of ideas across many different business sectors
  • Lastly;- to generate interest and awareness of solutions that reduce the negative impact of wildfire.
Who and which Fire-stations can participate?
Any Fire-station or Community Wildfire Prevention Organization. (CWPO) in the USA,  that is adopted and nominated by a person (Member of the public) or a business, as set out in the initiative’s rules. (The rules can be downloaded from the toolbox on this page below.)


Subject thereto that a Fire-station needs a minimum of twenty members (Sponsors) to adopt and sponsor the Fire-station before it enters the competition; and

  • In addition, the Fire-station must establish and operate a “First Responder Innovation Hub”


New smart future directed fire-stations and first-responders

*    Wildfires, mudslides, the destruction and devastation can be reduced by at-least up to 80%

*    The key:- innovation and collaboration


1) Fire-Stations PDF download

2) Inquiries and questions

See here below:- how both your "Fire-station" & "First Responders" can win:-


once in a lifetime African Family Safari and
Benefits from Innovation tools for personal growth
















"First Responders Innovation Hubs"


Change this:-



To this:-

















Adopted & empowered  Fire-station on Fire-station to become:-

Powerful innovation hubs that drive:-

Total community wildfire protection and community well-being

Your main toolbox            “Head-on”  PDFs Download

General Overview PDF Down load

2) Competition Rules

3) Overall Benefits for all

Invest in your First Responders & Fire services for safe communities

It is time to act:-
An exiting, future directed initiative that unlocks the power of innovation for your Fire-station and your community

> Strengthening your Fire-station

> Building your community support and collaboration

A new beginning,

Thank you for your interest