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One vision & goal:-

Reduce the destruction of wildfires by up to 80%

New opportunities for:-

  • Architects, law firms, manufactures & local business 

  • Communities and the public at large

  • Empowered:- Fire-stations & emergency services, first-responders, military & first-responders’ spouses

“Head-on” brings together the;

  • technical, legal, business,

  • communities and emergency services to reduce the wildfire destruction

What is "Head-on"


What?  “Head-on” is the first comprehensive initiative that brings all role players together

to reduce the impact of wildfires:-

One goal, to reduce wildfire destruction by up to 80%

To do this:-

“Head-on” brings together the:-

  • technical, legal, business, communities and emergency services

And opens new opportunities for:-

  • Architects, law firms, manufactures & local business


  • Empower fire-stations, emergency services and first-responders

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The foundation

Town planning, architects, law firms and communities

From land-use, home and building development including risk mitigation through to

the legal and constitutional framework,

Including community / public participation and leadership

Town planning

  • Developing future directed living & safe communities
  • From land use, urban-rural and forest integration :Click to Read

Architects & designers

  • Modern lifestyle homes and building designs
  • Future directed, safe, catastrophe shielded  from:-

Law firms

  • From Land-use, constitutional, business and innovation,
  • liability and insurance, through to export and
  • international trade developments Click to read

Communities & leadership

  • Proactive lifestyles, fire prevention , support FireWise® & California  fire free councils
  • Community catastrophe prepared and FEMA support   Click to read

Business growth options & integration for:-

Manufactures, insurance, financial institutions and the full spectrum of local and non direct fire related businesses

When you support “Head-on” you tap into:-

  • A future directed innovation platform, that is designed to unlock

  • the internal strength of supporting  businesses and individuals

Manufactures & suppliers

  • New smart, powerful fire engines & air- tankers
  • Equipment for high winds, easy access and first-responder health & safety
  • A manufacturing revolution beyond fire services  Click to read 

Financial & local businesses

  • Stable, safe catastrophe shielded communities are
  • future directed investment hubs for growth, jobs and quality living
  • A simple shift of funding from burning to investment  Click to read

"Head-on" collaboration across the total value & usage chain

From technical, legal, business, empowered fire & emergency services

One goal:- Reduce wildfire destruction by up to 80%

"Head-on" is designed to empower fire-stations and first responders

Providing for fire-stations:-

  • New options and smart powerful, safe and easy manageable  equipment able to combat wildfires
  • New funding support and

First-responders with:-

  • Both enhanced  job skills  and expanded personal skills

Fire-stations & emergency services 

  • Proud, future directed, empowered services with
  • Smart powerful equipment from engines, air-tanker support and new ground power
  • Able to stand-up against catastrophe from fire, floods, earth quake and hurricane
  • Within a new funding framework
  • To provide maximum services and assistance to their communities Click to read


  • New enhanced job & personal future directed skills to;-
  • Meet the challenges of the future, job satisfaction and
  • Personal success, strong and stayble family lives and
  • proud serving members of their communities Click to read

Military & first responders’ spousal support

  • Proud service & volunteer men and women spousal support to
  • Build quality family lives and support Click to read

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“Head-on” is a leading future directed initiative

  • Designed and built with “Innovation Transformer”® the integrated personal and business growth platform

  • That unlocks the inner-strength of the individual,  businesses and is underpinned with

Future direct innovation methodology

Start your journey to economic freedom

Building a future you can be proud of

Start your journey to economic freedom

When innovation unlocks:-

  • Your inner-strength,

  • business growth and

  • Builds secure communities  

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1) Support the development of new fire equipment

> to reduce the wildfire impact by up to 80%

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3) New affordable, smart equipment for fire-stations


4) Equipment that delivers safer communities and saves thousands of homes & properties

5) Improved disposable income for first-respondesr and fire-services


6) Reduced health risks and special support for first-responders, with specialist spousal support

Powerful first-responder and fire-station support

Affordable, powerful smart equipment for the future 

For safe and secure communities