Your law firm can help to stop the destruction of wildfires


and unlock

New law market growth, value adding and marketing options


Connecting your law firm to:-

  • solutions in your community

That act as:-

A growth engine for you business


The future law firms will be life quality and growth drivers


  • Many hours of work and research are devoted in the legal market to assist law firms to master the business impact factors on law firms.

  • Although many of these aspects are important, the overall focus of such aspects must shift from:-

  • “declining and shrinking law markets”

  • to that of

    the rule of law as growth driver”.

What is "Head-on"


What?  “Head-on” is the first comprehensive initiative that brings all role players together

to reduce the impact of wildfires:-

One goal, to reduce wildfire destruction by up to 80%

To do this:-

“Head-on” brings together the:-

  • technical, legal, business, communities and emergency services

And opens new opportunities for:-

  • Architects, law firms, manufactures & local business

These new opportunities include new:-

  • Strategies, new products, marketing and promotional options

  • ” Head-on” is a leading global initiative that gives you both business growth & increases your margins

Law firms & wildfire

Over 635 new options to grow your law firm

Why support “Head-on” & how law firms can benefit?

Wildfires and catastrophes

A) The short answer:-

You can make a real difference

The homes of millions of people worldwide are threatened by wildfires

  • Just in the USA over 4 million home are in high and extreme risk locations
  • Year on year thousand of families are evacuated. Unsure and in fear; “Will our home be here when we come back?”
  • In 2017 over 4,000 families lost their homes.
  • Economic destruction of community on community,

“Head-on” is designed to redress this.

The goal:- reduce the destruction of wildfires by up to 80%

This is where your law firm can make a real difference

B) Your business answer:-


The “Head-on” strategy is simple.

Your support provides you with strong but low cost marketing options

That will give you publicity.

  • Publicity that connects your Law Firm to solutions in your community

Publicity that acts as

  • A growth engine for you business

“Head-on” :- Supportive benefits to grow your law firm


Your support & investment will deliver benefits for your entire law firm:-

  • From option such as preferred supplier to
  • New product & service development support
  • Marketing and powerful client relationship development
  • Market growth
  • Funding
  • Management & staff development support

For example:-

  • New product & service development support & input;- That covers a wide spectrum from:-

Property rights, ownership rights, regulatory regulations, constitutional rights, design aspects of new equipment and land use, material, workmanship, new innovations patents, trade and export aspects.

  • Marketing:-That will open many new marketing options to target clients across many sectors from the public through to specific clients such as home-owners, developers, builders, trade bodies, manufactures, public services, Federal, state and Local authorities. Across many business segments.
  • Specific initiative options such as:-Preferred supplier membership that include: Advisory board representative appointment; – For specific functions such as development and regional oversight.

“Head-on” is the biggest wildfire containment initiative ever.

  • Where your support can make a real difference and
  • Unlock powerful marketing growth for your business with thousands of options to grow your business.

Support and register and discover how your support of real solutions drives:-


Your marketing,

Head-onalso provides options to questions, such as:-How to reduce costs

  • How to improve your law practice’s margins
  • How to link and focus your marketing on your law focus areas
  • Why most law firms lose 30% plus of their margins
  • How to truly capitalize on your client base

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Shifting the rule of law to act as:-

  • Economic and life quality driver

Fire, the rule and role of law under “Head-on”


The reality is:-

Research shows that for new future safe and secure wildfire environments to unfold, that the full value chain, usage spectrum and impact of land will and have to be:-

  •  within the rule of law as the anchor foundation.

All this will have implications and growth options that cover a broad spectrum of law, such as:-

  • Land-use, property rights, constitutional, business and intellectual property law for innovation,
  • liability and insurance, finance through to export and
  • international trade developments including
  • law practice areas such as family law.

“Head-on” Incorporates law as an integrated solution building block in the fight against wildfire

  • The role of the rule of law, will be extended through to solutions that impact on many human challenges such as flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, including potential threats such as biological disasters.
  • It shifts the focus of law firms from “own” growth to
  • Economic growth drivers and offers in this many benefits for:-
  • Law firms that have specialist focus areas
  • Seeking to develop strong long-term clients and
  • Growth platforms

In short, it simply means that many opportunities can be unlocked through the application of the rule of law and unlock in law firms many new growth options.

For Law Firms:-

  • This strategy supports long-term sustainability.
  • Strengthening of your existing clients and income base because’-
  • Law is seen under “Head-on” as a key future foundation.

Simply connect:-

Your Law Firm to solutions in your community and grow your firm

When you connect to real solutions in your community

Every specialist law focus field comes into play


You get publicity that drives your growth

Progress to-date


  • Progress:- Under the “Head-on” initiative there are already new equipment options that are being developed,
  • It is projected that these developments could result, base on 2017 scenarios, containment and suppression cost savings in excess of $300 million annually or $2,7 billion over five years.

    For law firms

  • These options will open significant new application and services for law firms.

Benefits beyond fire:-


This is a call to you to become part of and support “Head-on”.

Donate or register and become part of the initiative that offers options from:-

  • Newsletter inclusions
  • Business promotion through to
  • Broad innovations integrations.All options that will provide you new business, improved margins and increased profits
  • Be a supporter and register for the business benefits::-.

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“Head-on” is a leading future directed initiative

  • Designed and built with “Innovation Transformer”® the integrated personal and business growth platform

  • That unlocks the inner-strength of the individual,  businesses and is underpinned with

Future direct innovation methodology

Start your journey to economic freedom

Building a future you can be proud of

Start your journey to economic freedom

When innovation unlocks:-

  • Your inner-strength,

  • business growth and

  • Builds secure communities  

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