Real solutions, that empower:-

> Manufactures, suppliers, architects and builders, 

contractors to interior designers, to:-

> Build smart, sustainable, safer homes, buildings, cities and communities

> Protected from wildfires, flood, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis and earthquakes

Make one commitment:-

  • That the destruction of NAPA Valley, Malibu, Paradise, Katrina and Florence will never be repeated
  • Then see how your company standout and grow

“Head-on” Your golden circle of growth

  • Research shows, that architectural designs,  materials, products and services from construction through to interior design
  • Can reduce in many instances wildfire and catastrophe destruction by up to 81% 

Build a better world that you can be proud of;-

  • Through collaboration and innovation

Make one commitment that the destruction of NAPA Valley, Malibu, Paradise, Katrina and Florence will never be repeated, and unlock: – Growth

  • Properties burned and destroyed by catastrophes 

This is funding lost that can be used for the innovation and development of improved products and designs that protect cities and communities 

Your company can make a real difference by collaborating to reduce & stop the impact and destruction of wildfires & catastrophes:-

  • The impact and destruction of wildfires & catastrophes are busy to increase year on year.
  • Destroying thousands of homes, the lives of people with a growing negative impact on businesses and the economy. This negative impact is already exceeding an average of $350 billion dollars annually.
  •  This is both a threat to your business and an opportunity to protect your community and unlock new growth
  • A key research finding is that collaboration & innovation across the value chain,

  • Which include materials, products, services and architectural designs, from construction through to interior design, is critical to:-

  • Reduce the devastation of wildfires and catastrophes by up to:-


Smart products, services and designs reduce the destruction

Start working smarter and protect your community against the growing destruction caused by natural disasters


Head-onprovides a focused collaboration platform that helps you to;-

  • Protect your community from the devastation of wildfires and catastrophes and
  • empowers you to enjoy new business growth: –


Integrates four powerful tools, Purpose; Collaboration; Innovations and recognition

To deliver for you guaranteed business and profit growth

The Tools

The Purpose

The Result & benefits

Purpose driven companies grow form 7% up to 23% faster than competitors 

New businesses growth:- By supporting collaboration between manufactures, suppliers, architects, developers, property owners and first-responders

To develop smart products and services to stop and reduce the destruction and impact of catastrophes, from:-





Then see how the demand for your products and your services grow because: –


Smart products, services and designs reduce destruction


Reduced destruction increases sale


Plus reduces costs, and overall


Increases your profits

How Head-on works

Designed to empower you

Head-on is specifically designed to support manufactures, suppliers, architects, designers & developers  to unlock the full value of their products and services: –

  • With many options to help manufactures and suppliers to deal with challenges such as skill shortages, marketing, reliable market opportunity information, product development and promotions, to:-
  • Ensure fast market acceptance and market demand growth.
  • Consisting of three main elements:-


Support your goals

Deliver real value

An easy process that supports your goals

The three main "Head-on" elements deliver world-leading benefits:-

  1. That will give your company a competitive edge and
  2. Will help you to create demand for your products and service by:-
  3. Helping you to standout above the competition

These elements are:-

1) Collaboration

2) Innovation

3) Recognition

Read below how your company can enjoy new growth with the benefits that each building block delivers:-

1) Collaboration

Collaboration immediately strengthens your marketing and builds demand  for your products and services

The true strength of the “Head-on” lies in:-

  • That it helps companies to collaborate across the value chain,
  • magnify their market impact and the development of products

Research shows that companies that collaborate across their value chain

  • Enjoy a fifteen times higher consistent growth than competitors.

Collaboration shifts potential customers from being latent buyers to:-

  • Active products and service users.

Head-on’s  collaboration establishes a partnership basis with all role-players.

  • Both with the company’s own suppliers and
  • with the company’s customers

In short “Head-on” helps to build trust, productive demand, sales and profit growth.

2) Innovations

The foundation of growing companies in the future is one word innovation

  • Innovation is the key for market leading products and this is where “Head-on” is a key valuable development partner for manufactures and suppliers

Obtaining valuable, usable information immediately

places a company on a new level

  • With growing skills-challenges and shortages, receiving professional input from architects, designers and engineers, in short
  • Can make the difference between night and day.

Market leading products and services starts by identifying opportunities.

  • Understanding the full opportunity with usable information.
  • It further helps you to timely identify challenges that can undermine your sales.
In this regard “Head-on” is a powerful resource.

3) Recognition

Brand recognition is a key foundation for your marketing.

  • Research shows that companies with strong brand recognition in the construction and building industry are:-

In 75% of the cases included at the planning stage of projects.

  • This gives manufactures and suppliers a competitive advantage that helps them to standout above the competitor.

Companies which consistently assist and support their customers to remain competitive enjoy growth

In short  “Head-on

  • Creates demand for your products that is nearly impossible to achieve only with advertising and promotions
  • This is further strengthened through publicity across the market.

Collaboration delivers product input and ideas

That help you to:-

Develop smart products and services

It makes marketing easy


Your products & services are known and used

Smart ideas that build safer homes and buildings

That withstand catastrophes


Deliver sustainable profits for your company

Why support & work with “Head-on”?

Because it is time to work smarter and protect your community & market 

1) It is critical that we speedup development and make sure that we can prevent the destruction caused by wildfires and catastrophes, that there is never again a repeat of:-

  • The destruction of NAPA Valley, Malibu, Paradise or the next Katrina and Florence.

These are high risk developments and sponsorship funding is at present the best option that can maximize the developments to reduce the destruction of communities.

2) Secondly we have been asked to speedup the support for fire stations and first-responders due to:-

  • A growing shortages of volunteer first-responders and
  • A lack of funding for fire-stations to buy new equipment to deal with catastrophes

Head-on provides solutions and support for both fire-station and first-responders to meet the challenges they face and

Your collaboration can make a big difference,

  • Support “Head-on” and start working smarter 


Smart products, services and designs reduce destruction


Reduced destruction increases sales

The "Head-on" advantage

When manufactures & suppliers collaborate and innovate with architects, developers, property owners and first-responders


You receive little support

With “Head-on

You get powerful innovative input

Your products are included at planning

Your business and profits grow

“Head-on” delivers three major benefits

  1. “Head-on” helps you to build safer, smart-sustainable and healthy communities

  2. Supports fire-station and first-responders to protect communities & businesses

  3. New business opportunities for:-

    Manufactures, suppliers, architect, builders & construction through to interior design companies

 For more details & information:-

  • How you can help or participate and
  • The benefits
  • Please email us or download the “Head-on” initiative PDF summary.

Build a better world that you can be proud of

Time for support or register and help to reduce the destrucion of wildfires and catastrophes: –

Work with & support “Head-on” for business growth:-

“Head-on” is a leading future directed initiative

  • Designed and built with “Innovation Transformer”® the integrated personal and business growth platform

  • That unlocks the inner-strength of the individual,  businesses and is underpinned with

Future direct innovation methodology

Start your journey to economic freedom

Building a future you can be proud of

Start your journey to economic freedom

When innovation unlocks:-

  • Your inner-strength and

  • business growth

  • You build secure communities  

Adopt a fire-station and win a once in a lifetime family safari


1) Support the development of new fire equipment

> to reduce the wildfire impact by up to 80%

2) Win and enjoy a luxury once in a lifetime Family Safari

3) New affordable, smart equipment for fire-stations


4) Equipment that delivers safer communities and saves thousands of homes & properties

5) Improved disposable income for first-respondesr and fire-services


6) Reduced health risks and special support for first-responders, with specialist spousal support

Powerful first-responder and fire-station support

Affordable, powerful smart equipment for the future 

For safe and secure communities