A manufacturing revolution

New smart powerful wildfire engines, air tankers and equipment

  • Opening a manufacturing revolution

For both

Fire related equipment and NON-fire related manufacturing

Connect your manufacturing to solutions in your community

That act as:-

A growth engine for you business

What is "Head-on"


What?  “Head-on” is the first comprehensive initiative that brings all role players together

to reduce the impact of wildfires:-

One goal, to reduce wildfire destruction by up to 80%

To do this:-

“Head-on” brings together the:-

  • technical, legal, business, communities and emergency services

And opens new opportunities for:-

  • Architects, law firms, manufactures & local business

These new opportunities include new:-

  • Strategies, new products, marketing and promotional options

  • ” Head-on” is a leading global initiative that gives you both business growth & increases your margins

Manufacturing & wildfire

Over 635 new options to grow your manufacturing 

Why support “Head-on” & how all manufactures can benefit?

Wildfires and catastrophes

The manufacturing wildfire link

Research indicated that there are two main challenges for fire-services in the combating of wildfires:-

A) Equipment and B) Funding

The “Head-on” initiative is designed to address both.:-

A) Equipment


To achieve the stated goal of an 80% reduction in the destruction of wildfires a critical factor is specialized wildfire equipment.

At present brush trucks and air tankers are the only specialist wildfire equipment.

Research highlighted that there are many new options that can be used, including improvements on  brush trucks and air tankers that will;-

  • Increase the “impact power” by over 70% and

At the same time it will increase effectiveness in high-wind and difficult access terrain such as forests and mountainous regions significantly

B) Funding


The “Head-on” strategy is simple.

“Make funding upfront available to increase equipment power. Therefore reduce the destructive impact of wildfire.”

Or in short, shift funding from burning to empowering fire-services.

This will deliver many benefits. Projections indicate that containment and suppression can be improved by up to 60 to 80%.

Resulting in better community protection and less damage, losses and it will reduce the negative economic impact.

At the same time, it will delivers safer operating conditions and reduced risks to first-responders.

“Head-on” :- Supportive benefits to grow your manufacturing business


Your support & investment will deliver benefits for your entire business:-

  • From options such as preferred supplier to
  • New product development support
  • Marketing and powerful client relationship development
  • Market growth
  • Funding
  • Management & staff development support

For example:-

  • Preferred supplier innovation input for new product development from new containment & suppression equipment options that cover air and ground. e.g. Fire-engine / air-tanker design, ground clearing, water, equipment, safety, health risks, detection.
  • Marketing:- Powerful buyer relationship options for manufactures. Relationship building across the total buying decision process from operational, leadership through to local county and legislators. And;
  • Funding The over riding strategy is to shift funding from re-acting to catastrophes to develop the tools to reduce the catastrophe impact and destruction.

For manufactures:-

  • This strategy supports long-term sustainability.
  • Strengthening of the existing manufacturing and supplier base to fire-services and emergency services,
  • that is seen under “Head-on” as a key future foundation.

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AA manufacturing revolution:-

  • The innovation approach of “Head-on” opens for manufactures many new growth opportunities and benefits:-

Benefits that include:-


It is estimated that “Head-on” :-

  • Will add significant new products & business opportunities for manufactures, while at the same time be able to reduce the impact of wildfires.
  • Existing manufactures will benefit directly because the Firefly Innovations is not a manufacture. It is a future directed solutions company.
  • This simply means that all new options & designs will be made available to existing manufactures creating new expansion and growth for manufactures.

For both fire and NON-fire related manufactures


Head-onalso provides options to questions, such as:-

How to over come the marketing challenges of:-

  • Increased competition
  • Manage tariffs and potential trade wars

But more so:-

  • How to leverage your manufacturing know-how
  • Increase margins and profitability
  • It is one of the biggest initiatives to build growth and new markets across all products (Including NON-fire related) for manufactures..

“Head-on” is for manufactures that believe in the future of manufacturing and

are seeking ways to grow markets and increase margins.

Delivering smart new powerful wildfire equipment, fire-engines, air-tankers and equipment

Opens new innovation & experience methods that chart

A new growth path for;-

all manufacturing both fire and

NON fire-related manufacturing

Progress to-date


  • Progress:- Under the “Head-on” initiative there are already new equipment options that are being developed,
  • It is projected that these developments could result, base on 2017 scenarios, containment and suppression cost savings in excess of $300 million annually or $2,7 billion over five years.

    For manufactures

  • These options will also open significant growth in equipment  sales, including new export products for the manufactures and
  • Also forms the base to support a shift in funding, for funding to be made available for new improved equipment to fire services.

Benefits beyond fire:-


This is a call to you to become part of and support “Head-on”.

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  • Broad innovations integrations.
  • All options that will provide you new business, improved margins and increased profits
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“Head-on” is a leading future directed initiative

  • Designed and built with “Innovation Transformer”® the integrated personal and business growth platform

  • That unlocks the inner-strength of the individual,  businesses and is underpinned with

Future direct innovation methodology

Start your journey to economic freedom

Building a future you can be proud of

Start your journey to economic freedom

When innovation unlocks:-

  • Your inner-strength,

  • business growth and

  • Builds secure communities  

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1) Support the development of new fire equipment

> to reduce the wildfire impact by up to 80%

2) Win and enjoy a luxury once in a lifetime Family Safari

3) New affordable, smart equipment for fire-stations


4) Equipment that delivers safer communities and saves thousands of homes & properties

5) Improved disposable income for first-respondesr and fire-services


6) Reduced health risks and special support for first-responders, with specialist spousal support

Powerful first-responder and fire-station support

Affordable, powerful smart equipment for the future 

For safe and secure communities