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  • Marketing &
  • Community development

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For your enjoyment

The pleasure of the sun in the soul of artists


For your enjoyment


The program's objectives are to:-

  • Assists artists to market their art to build for themselves an international footprint, and
  • support the development of the artists
  • It also acts as a bridge, to promote collaboration between US, South Africa and African artists for the growth of the artists themselves and art in their communities.

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The importance of visual arts

  • The more we need to develop new ideas for growth in future for the wellbeing of our societies;
  • the more important the visual arts will become.

Every movie production, every design and the development of ideas start with a storyboard;-. Art crosses the barriers of:-

  • Emotions,
  • Vision,
  • Spiritual understanding and
  • Literacy and cognizance enhancement of understanding a topic or subject,
  • As well as, critical for visualization, for the development of ideas.

During the last view years of the “electronic age” the importance of visual art has declined. This is fast being reversed and art will become an important tool for individuals and community development in future. This program actively supports this.

The Firefly Innovations’ art program is creating new interest in art

  • The Firefly Innovations is in the process of expanding and developing an integrated marketing drive for art across many platforms.
  • This includes integrated art marketing within a framework of community development of both America and Africa.
  • Visit the web galleries and artwork of artists who have committed themselves to support the broader objectives.

International Marketing

Artist with vision build from day one an international footprint.

The Firefly Innovations’ art programs’ objective is to support US and African artist to build global markets.

The freedom to create life quality and joy

Africa's soul in freedom and humanity

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