Salberg Concrete Products (Pty) Ltd


Salberg Concrete Products (Pty) Ltd started out as a wholly owned family business established in 1972 by Rick and Dave Salberg for the purpose of specializing in the manufacture of precast concrete manholes.This niche market was chosen because it was being neglected by the pipe industry as a nuisance and hence the precast manhole was very seldom used by Contractors.

Salberg changed all that by drawing up a specification for standardized components, still used today.


The company also recognized the unique production needs of Africa. Instead of using expensive and complex equipment from Europe, Salberg designed an easy to transport and erect manufacturing plant as well as specialized lifting equipment, able cope with the robust Africa conditions.

Today Salberg offers a full range of sewer & storm water including portal culverts management products with all key product lines carrying the SABS mark of approval.

The original manhole chamber spun by Dave Salberg and his team on 10 October 1972 is still kept in the product display area today.