Steel buildings + migration = growth

  • New global market developments and growth  for specialized “migration steel buildings”,

Steel building designs = new growth solutions

That deliver:-

  • Human dignity and
  • Economic growth

Steel building designs

Designs that deliver people solutions

  • For people on the move and
  • Provide to them assets for the building of capital and
  • family unity

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New integrated economic development, steel housing units and building designs:-

That will deliver new business, estimated at $ 334 billion dollars annual sales

  • Migration housing will be the fastest growing building sector

  • It is a global market and is driven by economic conditions. 

It includes buildings for;-

Housing, industrial use, offices, schools, hospitals, community centers and government facilities

When you understand the market, the requirements & funding process

  • You will know it is a massive market and
  • how you can grow and work with us
  • The key is design and funding

"The key is:- The design"

It must address market needs &

  1. Be affordable
  2. Fund-able
  3. Simplicity
  4. And integrated in an economic development program

The designs must meet the market needs

It must be affordable and fund-able

It must be integrated in an economic development program

Read below, more about steel buildings and migrations:-

Steel buildings & migration

  • The need for new high volume steel products is long overdue.
  • A market in waiting:- The migrant housing & building market is at the point to excel. More so, concrete or wood cannot meet the requirements.
  • The Firefly Innovations brings these to markets together in a win win framework through future directed designs.
  • Working with us opens for your company long-term growth.

To succeed;-

You need to understand the challenges of the market,
$ 133 billion dollar new industrial, government & public buildings market

The annual market of new buildings is estimated to exceed $133 billion dollars.

  • Industrial and administrative, public and government buildings.
$ 210 billion dollars new housing market

The low end of the market is estimated at an annual market of $ 210 billion dollars.

These are not just housing units but units that provide both;-

  • Housing and
  • Economic leverage for migrants.
Companies that can benefit

Companies that can benefit from migration building construction developments include:-

  • Steel suppliers
  • Steel building construction companies
  • Insulation suppliers
  • Floorboard suppliers
  • Windows suppliers
  • Electrical wiring and lighting
  • Mobile power generators
  • Solar power equipment manufacturers and suppliers
  • Sanitary
The Firefly Innovations designs are based on

The Firefly Innovations uses specific design criteria that are:-

  • Fund-able
  • Delivers quality and
  • Long-term demand & growth
Developments you can be proud of to be part of and that:-
  • Open for you global markets
  • Expand trade
  • Give your company market access
  • New clients and
  • High tech profits

Housing solutions that build friendship, restore dignity and re-unite families

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