A supplemental income opportunity

You can be proud of

Promote and consult with:-

  • Business owners and senior management

  • Including emergency services and fire-departments

“Head-on” a Firefly Innovations initiative

Support safer communities and secure sponsorships for

Emergency services, fire-stations and first-responders

Strengthening your community and your own business

With life changing know-how and insight

  • Smart, sustainable, healthy and secure 

  • Homes, buildings, cities and communities

The supplemental income opportunity

What, suitable for, experience required and focus?


This is a promotional & consulting opportunity for individuals who are looking for:-

  • supplemental income opportunity

  • Not an employment opportunity

Suitable for individuals who are:-

  • Working from home or
  • Have their own business and are looking for supplemental cash income options

Individuals seeking;-

  • Opportunities to add supplemental income above twenty thousand dollar per year
  • With further potential higher income opportunities in future.

Consulting or marketing experience

Individuals who have:-

  • Consulting or marketing experience
  • On a professional level and have worked in sectors such as;-

Estate agencies, insurance, financial sector, building-construction, architecture, or fields such as law, medical and emergency services or with business owners and senior management

The promoters main focus is promoting and consulting with:-

1. Business owners regarding sponsorships for emergency services and fire-departments, as well as

2. Consulting with senior management of emergency services and fire-departments;-

3. On new options to support first-responders, new equipment and funding for emergency services and fire-departments

Income for liquidity 

Promote & consult

Safer communities

What is “Head-on”?

“Head-on” is an advanced future directed initiative that supports emergency services, fire-stations and first-responders to:-

1. Develop “First-responder innovation-hubs” and

2. Secure sponsorship for emergency services, fire-stations and first-responders

“Head-on” is a platform that provides assistance to:-

Emergency services, fire-stations and first-responders to;

  • Develop new options that will ensure that they and the communities in future;
  • Can meet the future challenges of wildfires and catastrophes.

. These risks and threats in society will in future be:- 1. Bigger challenges, more complex events and have higher risks. 2. Risks that will require new high impact equipment  and methods

These negative factors and resulting impact are growing

Year on year there is a growth in the destruction caused by wildfires & catastrophes*

Destruction that is:-

  • Destroying thousands of homes, the lives of people with a growing negative impact on businesses and the economy.
  • This negative impact is already exceeding an average of $350 billion dollars annually in the USA.
*(From wildfires, tornado, hurricanes, floods, tidal water surges, landslides through to earthquakes and human triggered events such as terrorism and industrial disasters)

"First-responder innovation-hubs"


To give effect to the research findings “Head-on” is:-

  • Assisting, supporting and securing sponsorships for
  • Fire-stations, emergency services and first-responders to:-
  • Establish;-

First-responder innovation-hubs

First-responder innovation-hubs bring together the three (3)  key building blocks that empower first-responders

1. Experience of first-responders

2. Innovative methods and equipment

3. The effective use of technology


In the process, unlock new powerful options for emergency services and fire-stations to ensure safer and smart communities

In addition to the supplemental income opportunity

‘Head-on” also offers additional opportunities to promoters

  • “Head-on” is an advanced future directed initiative, you can be proud of.

  • It is based and includes advance economic development methodologies, stemming from this:-
  • “Head-on” also offers promoters  advance options that can truly help you to increase your income, options that include :-

Additional options:-

1) That can assist promoters who have their own businesses;-

  • To strengthen their marketing and business offers

2) New stand alone business opportunities*

* Subject to terms

When financial security and your life quality is important to you

And you are looking for income liquidity

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