When every second counts

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Add new power to your local emergency services,  fire-station and new growth for your community and businesses

“Head-on” a Firefly Innovations initiative

Emergency services for safer communities

Protected from wildfires & catastrophes

destruction and loss of life

Protecting memories and life quality

Life changing know-how and insight

Personal pride & achievement

Future directed first-responders

Life changing know-how and insight

Building safer communities

  • Smart, sustainable, healthy and secure 
  • Homes, buildings, cities and communities

And benefits from:-

New marketing options that go beyond your sponsorship, with

  •  “First-responder innovation-hubs” 

Communities, emergency services and first-responders are facing:-

  • Bigger challenges, more complex events and higher risks due to;

  • The growing destruction and loss of lives caused by;- wildfires and catastrophes*

  • *(from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, tsunamis through to earthquakes.)

What is “Head-on”?

“Head-on” is a platform that provides assistance to:-

  • Emergency services, fire-stations and first-responders to;
  • Develop new options that will ensure that they and the communities in future;
  • Can meet the challenges we face of wildfires and catastrophes.

These risks and threats in our society will in future be:-

  • Bigger challenges, more complex events and higher risks.

  • That will require new high impact equipment  and methods

Year on year there is a growth in the destruction caused by

wildfires & catastrophes*

*(From wildfires, tornado, hurricanes, floods, tidal water surges, landslides through to earthquakes and human triggered events such as terrorism and industrial disasters)

Destruction that is:-

  • Destroying thousands of homes, the lives of people with a growing negative impact on businesses and the economy.

  • This negative impact is already exceeding an average of $350 billion dollars annually in the USA.

In this situation, it is not the events;

  • Because we cannot stop events such as earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes.

  • But it is the rescue, when every second counts;

    When you need your first-responders to:-

    > Draw on their experience

    > Assess plan and innovate

    > Have the right equipment

Ultimately when it is real,

  • When it is your home

  • When it is your family, your memories

  • You need the best,




Empowered, innovative first responders

make the difference







More than loss prevention

Now you can help to stop this



In many instances the destruction and losses can be reduced by up to;- 81%

There are solutions

Research shows that:-

 We can reduce the destruction and loss of life by up to:- 81%

Research highlighted that to meet future challenges we need to combine:-

The experience of first-respondersnew innovations and technology

For this propose  “First-responder innovation-hubs” are being introduced

"First-responder innovation-hubs"


To give effect to the research findings “Head-on” is:-

  • Assisting, supporting and securing sponsorships for
  • Fire-stations, emergency services and first-responders to:-
  • Establish;-

First-responder innovation-hubs

First-responder innovation-hubs bring together the three key building blocks that empower first-responders

1. Experience of first-responders

2. Innovative methods and equipment

3. The effective use of technology


In the process, unlock new power to ensure safer and smart communities

It is time that community and emergency service leaders

  • build the next generation of professional;

Super smart, empowered first-responders & emergency services




Empowering smart future directed first-responders



Smart equipment

Financial strength

First-responder innovations-hubs deliver

 safe, secure families, communities and

growth for your company

Your company's sponsorship opens many new marketing options


 “Head-on” is an advanced future directed initiative, you can be proud of.

A sponsorship that makes your marketing part of;-

  • Breaking news
  • The news cycle, with
  • Exciting new social media options

In the process, unlocks new power to ensure safer and smart communities

Your sponsorship, opens for you access to tools you can use to grow your company


It is based on and includes advance economic development methodologies:-

  •  The result;-

    “Head-on” also offers sponsors a number of advance options that can truly help you to generate new business* such as:-

  • Staff motivation options and competitions
  • CSR powerful corporate social responsible options
  • Customer relations strategies and
  • Leveraged social media options that can integrated your social media into the daily news cycle

Workforce motivation

New powerful CSR

Customer relations

Leveraged social media 

Smart future directed solutions

The research findings highlighted that to counter

the growing challenges, the key factors are:-

1) The experience of first-responders

Which is the foundation of safety and security

2) Innovative methods and equipment

Innovative skills empower first-responders both professionally and personal

3) The effective use of technology

Provides the strength & power to match the challenges

Vision and insight

Super smart, empowered

first- responders & emergency services

Building :-

Safe secure communities

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Reduce the impact, destruction and loss of life caused by wildfires and catastrophes

Delivering safer communities with

Empowered, and proud first-responders you can rely on