The objective of “Head-on” is to;-

> reduce the wildfire & mudslide destruction by up to 80%

>   and provide to fire-stations new equipment that can meet the challenges of wildfires

You can help to stop wildfire & mudslide destruction –

Register & support a fire-station

Adopt and support a "Fire-station"

And stop the wildfire destruction


Make 2018 the year that ends the fire and fury

You can help, adopt & sponsor a Fire-station and

Win an African family safari



One vision:- Stop wildfire destruction

  • Unlock your innovation, collaborate and
  • Work with smart future directed First Responders




This can be stop and you can help

Learn how to help & win
In 2017 in California alone there was over 9500 wildfires -. see the video >

Wildfire destruction & mudslides are out of control

There is an urgent need for new methods + not just new equipment but smart equipment

Learn how you can make this happen and

Change your life when you learn innovation skills

Time to adopt a “Fire-station” and

Become part of smart future directed innovators in your community


  Time to be smart & curtail wildfires

Adopt and sponsor

a “Fire-station”

And win a world class Family Safari


Why adopt and sponsor a "Fire-station"?


Wildfire destruction and mudslides are out of control.

The foundation to control wildfires & mudslides is Fire-stations (First Responders) and Community Wildfire Prevention Organizations. (CWPO). There are a number of critical factors that need attention to support Fire-stations and the CWPOs, such as:-

  • An urgent need to speedup the development of new options and new equipment to combat and reduce the destructive impact of wildfires & mudslides.

The reality is that the impact of wildfires can be reduced by up to 80% and more.

  • To achieve this the keywords are “New methods” + “New equipment” = (In short) Innovate.
  • On the road ahead, we have to maintain operations, known  best practices and keep on using the existing equipment.

For the future we can improve, innovate and do better:-

There needs to be an assertive drive
There needs to be an assertive drive to develop new equipment and methods. 


  • Further more; it is not just the responsibility of fire-services or the CWPOs but should also include the broader participation of community action,
    • from land-use, town-planning and property fire prevention action
  • And lastly it will also require that we bring together both [experience (Existing fire services)] linked with [new ideas new thinking] thought broad community engagement. Including broad business participation and government on all levels.
The Key:- “First Responders Innovation Hubs”

"First responders Innovation Hubs"


This is where you can make a difference:-

  • Through new focus group platforms that act as innovation hubs. Where you (the community) can bring your ideas of possible options, solutions & improvements that could be used to contain, suppress and reduce wildfires and the impact of wildfires, together with the experience of existing fire-services.

In short:- First Responders Innovation Hubs

 “Head-on“:- is a public initiative by The Firefly Innovations to establish, assist and support Fire-stations, First Responders, Community Wildfire Prevention Organizations (CWPOs) & their communities to establish:-

  • First Responders Innovation Hubs at Fire-stations or at local branches of Community Wildfire Prevention Organizations (CWPOs) depending on the circumstances.

This is where the power comes from & you can make the difference:-

This is where the power comes from and you can make the difference
First Responders Innovation Hubs:-
  • The place where First Responders & CWPOs bring and input experience & the community ideas
  • Together experience + ideas are the foundation of real innovations and real solutions
  • First Responders Innovation Hubs:- Objectives are to develop and act as focus groups and innovation centers (Hubs) for the:-
    • Development of new methods +
    • equipment for wildfire prevention options, containment and suppression.

    Head-on“:- Is specifically designed to assist Fire-stations and Community Wildfire Prevention Organizations (CWPOs) to:-

    • Establish innovations hubs and
    • To successfully unlock innovations in their communities.

    It is the single biggest development in wildfire management over the last eight years.


“First Responders Innovation Hubs”

provide a common focus, collaboration and partnerships

By bringing together:-

Your own & public participation

  • Sponsorship of fire stations for participation, awareness, ideas, fire station and fire services support

Sponsored fire stations & fire  services

  • Assessment of public ideas, innovations;- plus test, implement and promote

Businesses, manufacturing & financial 

  • Manufacturing of equipment, innovations, funding, insurance & promotion

County, State, Federal & Industry org.

  • Legislative, policy and regulation, including funding and research support

"First Responders Innovation Hubs"


Change this:-



To this:-









Adopt & empower Fire-station on Fire-station to become:-

Powerful innovation hubs that drive:-

Total community wildfire protection and community well-being

Action time:- to adopt & sponsor a “Fire-station”

Your main toolbox            “Head-on”  PDFs Download

1) Overview for public

2) Competition rules to help you

3) For inquiries and questions

4) Take Action & register

1) Business supporters

2) Fire-stations & Wildfire Free Org.

3) Head-on Benefits



“First Responders Innovation Hubs” are:-


1) Adopted Fire-stations + Communities 


2) That innovate & are prepared 



*    Wildfires, mudslides, the destruction and devastation of wildfires can be reduced by at-least up to 80%

*    The key:- innovation and collaboration


See below:- how both "Adopted Fire-stations" & "Sponsors" can win:-


once in a lifetime African Family Safari and
Benefits from Innovation tools for personal growth













One vision:- Stop wildfire destruction


  • Unlock your innovation, collaborate and
  • Work with smart future directed First Responders




Samoa Hotshot crew 61 in California





Head-on wildfire "First Responders Innovation Hubs" support FAQ:-


1 Who can participate?
Any person in the USA that is older than 18 years at the date of entry.

  • Including members of Fire-stations, volunteers and fire services.
  • As well as, businesses and government employees and.
  • College or university students, this includes technical and trade bodies.

 AnyUSA Fire-station” and Community Wildfire Prevention Organizations. (CWPOs)

  • Any Fire-station or CWPO adopted & nominated by twenty members or more of their community; and that
  • Appoints a “Community Fire Captain” and
  • Establish & operate a “First Responders Innovation Hub”

Any USA business 

  • In the fire sector and
  • Any other sector
2 Major benefits for you as individual sponsor
Over and above the benefits of the reduction of the impact of wildfires such as protected and safer communities

  • The initiative will also help you in your own life.

It offers a number of benefits:-

  1. A entry and chance to win a once in a lifetime African Family Safari and
  2. A new level of Innovation life-skills development
  3. First choice on job and business opportunities and
  4. License income sharing via “dividend” payments

(For more details down load the “Benefits” PDF, see “Toolbox” above)

  • Innovation as a life-skill.
  1. Head-on uses “Innovation Transformer 2000″;- It is the most advanced innovation – personal development program ever..
  2. And helps you with skills that will directly help you in every facet of your life, from income through to personal aspects in your life. .
  3. Adopters/ Fire-station sponsors will have free participation in the base Innovation skill training that is made available to assist adopted Fire-stations to establish successful innovations hubs.


2 Major benefits for Businesses
Over and above the benefits of the reduction of the impact of wildfires such as protected and safer communities

 For business

  • The initiative offers staff motivation, recognition and skills development
  • Marketing and
  • Great benefits for your clients

For details see the section “Businesses” on the menu

2 Major benefits for Fire-stations & Community Wildfire Organisations
Over and above the benefits of the reduction of the impact of wildfires such as protected and safer communities

The Initiative is designed for you and offers future directed benefits:-

For Fire-stations & Community wildfire Preventive Organizations. (CWPOs)

The initiative is designed to support Fire-stations & Community wildfire Preventive Organizations. (CWPOs) to:-

  • Ensure total empowerment to prevent & combat wildfires & mudslides
  • Development and benefits for First Responders
  • New equioment
  • New methods
  • In short:- It will help
    Fire-stations & Community wildfire Preventive Organizations. (CWPOs)
  • To meet the challenges of the future.

For details see the menu “Fire-stations”





3 Funding use
The primary objective and goal of Head-on is to initiate innovative new methods and equipment to:-




  • Manage, contain, suppress wildfires and reduce the follow-on mudslide damage.

Utilizing California 2017 destruction as base year for a scale, the primary goal is to reduce the future wildfire impact to 80% of the 2017 California baseline.

Parallel with this, the goal is to develop an innovative culture among First Responders and communities to maximize secure, safe communities with regard to wildfires and mudslides.

  • All funding will go directly to and will be applied to achieve the primary objectives.
  • Full public reporting forms an integral part of the initiative.


4 Existing fire services
Head-on believes that existing fire services have to form an integral part of new innovations of equipment and methods for the curtailment and suppression of wildfires.




The initiative is therefore designed:-

  • To draw on the experience of existing fire services, with Fire-stations as the focus points.
  • Secondly to assist Fire-stations to develop an innovation culture and related benefits for existing fire services.
  • Furthermore, to encourage participation, innovation, partnerships and collaboration with communities, business, government and industry associations.


Time to stop wildfire's devastation & destruction


2017 must never be repeated, the losses was devastating:-

  • Over 9,053 fires
  • 1,381,405 acres (5,590.35 km2) destroyed
  • 1 firefighter, 45 civilians fatalities
  • Over 230,000 people evacuated
  • Over 9,800 structures and houses destroyed
  • Containment en suppression costs exceeds $3 Billion
  • Total economic loss well above $13 Billion
  • Hundreds of house and infrastructure lost due to wildfires and follow-on mudslides 




Now you can take action that will:-

  • Stop wildfire fury and destruction by;-

  • Adopting and sponsoring a Fire-station

When you work with “Head-On” the innovation driven initiative

  • Your support and sponsorship will make the difference

And you can win a once in a lifetime

African Family Safari 


Stop the wildfire destruction and devistation


Building a better and brighter future, with:- 


















Be proud, act, curtail and stop the destruction of wildfires and mudslides


Thank you for your interest.

This is truly a life changing opportunity where you can take actions that will directly impact on the:-

  • Quality of the life of your family and your community
  • Building safer and protected communities
  • Help to redirect funding to forestry

It is your support and participation that makes the differance

  • Be proud and act